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Cochin Dental Clinic

Dr Praveen's Dental Clinic is established on February 6th 1996 in Kottayam. Praveen's clinic is considered as the internationally reputed dental clinic in Kochi. With branches in Kochi and Kottayam, we offer dental treatments in an affordable rate. With patients around the different parts of the world coupled with our 20 years of service, we provide the best dental treatment to our patients. The Clinic offer wide range of treatments from routine dental checkups to complicated dental surgeries.

Our major Services are Root canal treatments, Orthodontic Treatments, Normal & cosmetic fillings, Pediatric pulpectomy pulpectomy procedures and Dental Implants.

Dental Tourism In Kochi

Dental Tourism means the practice of travelling abroad for dental treatments which are generally expensive in their own country. Dental tourism contributes almost 10% of total medical tourism in India. It helps the international tourists to undergo dental checkups while exploring India. Dr Praveen's Dental Clinic is a best center for treatment without compromising quality. Our highly qualified professionals in Praveen dental clinic will ready to serve the tourists in a great way. We are connection for arranging best tour packages in affordable rates for our clients.

Medical Tourism has emerged as a distinct possibility in Kerala from much perspective. A large number of tourists undergo a variety of medical procedures while coming to explore the beauty of Kerala. The medical efficiencies of Keralites are globally accepted. Besides this medical cost is much less compared to other countries. So according to them it's a good chance to enjoy the beauty of God's own country. Among them Dental tourism has a major response. A good example is Dr.Praveen's dental cosmetic centre. Dr.Praveen's dental cosmetic centre is getting tremendous responses from tourist from the different parts of the world. This clinic is equipped with modern facilities to meet international standards.

Orthodontic Treatments In Cochin

Orthodontic treatment helps in tooth straitening which in turn improves the appearance and strengthens of the tooth. It is also good for the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints by applying the pressure over all your teeth.

Now a day's many people are suffering from crowed or crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment will help them to straighten the teeth or move that to a better position. This will not only improves appearance but also make them easier to clean. In some cases the upper front teeth were stick out and look unsightly. So there exists large chance to get damaged but with the help of orthodontic treatment we can arrange these teeth in a line. Orthodontic treatment can help you to bite more evenly and reduce the strain.

Apicoectomy Treatment

An apicoectomy treatment is also known as root end surgery. It is a Surgical procedure where the tip of the tooth us removed and is filled with biocompatible material. This type of treatment is required where conventional root canal treatments failed. This procedure makes use of microsurgical techniques such as dental operating microscope, micro instrument and calcium based filing materials. In some cases extraction may be the only alternative. In such cases denture or dental implants may also be considered.

The Apicoectomy treatment in Dr.Praveen's Clinic is very famous. We have 100% success record in Apicoectomy treatment. If performed correctly it is very successful in preventing the loss of teeth which would otherwise be extracted.

Peadiatric Pulpectomy Procedures

Pilpectomy is a procedure to get access the root canals to remove the infected and dead materials to fill the root canals with a suitable material. The main aim of this procedure is to maintain the tooth in an non-infected stage. It is a process of removal of diseased pulp from the apical foreman. The main two type in the Pulpectomy are 1. Complete Pulpectomy, 2. Partial Pulpectomy.

Sometimes pulpectomy may be confused with pulpotomy, where the pulp from the crown of the tooth is removed. A pulpotomy will perform well than pulpectomy when decay involves less than pulp. In Pulpotomy dentist removes the inflamed pulp, sterilize the area and seals the pulp chamber. It's a common procedure for both children and adults.

In some situations tooth extraction may consider as an alternative to pulpectomy and is usually avoided because of other teeths is need to shift which in turn results in the crowding of teeth in the case of children. In addition to this tooth extraction result in difficulty of taking food when more than one tooth is removed.

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